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Digitally Native Vertical Brands, or DNVBs, are the future of retail. They have several unique traits that set them apart from traditional brands in “brick-and-mortar” locations. DNVBs offer a variety of options, rapid growth, and personalized service. As a result, they are rapidly transforming the landscape of retail.

More Options

DNVBs provide consumers with seemingly endless options. Traditional retailers only operate in a few select locations, and only offer a limited number of products and variations. If an individual is looking to make a purchase through the traditional route, they are limited to their physical location or driving distance. Online, however, customers can select anything so long as the product is in stock.

Word of Mouth

Unlike traditional brands, DNVBs rely on word of mouth advertising and social media influencers. DNVBs utilize social media influencers to build their brand. Customers buy their product because it is recommended by real people through authentic posts on social media platforms such as Instagram. Podcasts are another popular form of advertisement. When a speaks about a product, listeners feel as if a friend is making a personal recommendation.

X Factor

DNVBs are often unique products that you can’t find elsewhere. They have the “x-factor,” or something that makes them stand out in the flood of products and services. The remarkable ideas behind the products are what make them memorable. If a customer is happy with a service, than they are more likely to share it with their friends and family.

Rapid Growth

Thanks to social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, DMVBs grow extremely rapidly. Through their uniqueness and word of mouth advertising, they create an organic base of followers, which also adds to their exponential growth. DMVBs use technology to connect directly with their customers.

Personalized Service

Another reason customers are drawn to DNVBs is because of the personalized service that they provide. The websites generate personalized algorithms to create a better experience for clients. The sites also gather data about individuals, and analyze the data to continually improve experiences that are distinctly tailored to their individual customers. The future is digital. Clients will come to expect personalized experiences and interactions with their retailers. Because of this, DNVBs are more well-positioned to succeed than their physical “brick-and -mortar” counterparts.

Digitally Native Vertical Brands have taken the retail industry by storm. Unlike traditional retailers, they offer endless options, personalized service, and their presence continues to increase.